What we can do for you

Most investment property owners agree that renting out a property can be financially lucrative, but it can also take an enormous amount of time and effort to keep up with its daily demands.

Being a property manager is not for everyone. It requires skills and experience to effectively become one. Whether you live near your property or are out of state, it pays, and even at times, saves you money, to hire an experienced and knowledgeable property manager.

These are some of the benefits of using a property management company:

  • Timely rent collection
  • Accurate rental prices
  • Targeted marketing and fewer vacancies
  • Tenant screening

Let the All American Realty & Investment Group’s team help you make the most out of your rental property!

We have established a reputation as a trustworthy and experienced local property management company. Our team of professionals are always available to discuss your needs. 

Let us help you maximize your investment while having the time and peace of mind to truly enjoy your returns.

Here are 8 top reasons why you should hire All American Realty & Investment Group to manage and maximize the potential of your Emerald Coast rental property:

Set Accurate Rental Prices

An experienced property manager will know how to set the ideal rental price for your property to ensure that you maximize your profits. The right rent price will also quickly attract tenants to keep your property occupied. This will lead to higher rental income during the rental period or over the course of the year.

At All American Realty & Investment Group, we conduct a comparative market analysis to accurately determine competitive rental prices so you can stop playing the rent guessing game and start enjoying your investment’s returns.

Advertise your rental property

Every landlord knows that lengthy property vacancies can cause thousands in lost revenue. It’s every property owner’s worst nightmare. Say goodbye to the stress and let our team do it for you. 

As soon as we know when your property will be available, we will start the marketing process. We will advertise your listing and market your home across all the major rental websites. 

Our process includes looking at all the property features, taking high-quality photographs and highlighting your property’s selling points. At All American Realty & Investment Group, we use various platforms in our marketing program in an effort to find the best potential tenants available

Tenant screening process

Ask any landlord. The horror stories of bad tenants are innumerable and unfortunately, most of them are true. Every application that we receive undergoes a thorough screening process and background check. We only submit the highest qualified applicants to you. 

This approach helps us ensure your home is in the best hands. This has also been effective in preventing any future potential problems with your tenants which saves you money and time.

Efficient rent collection

Do you find yourself still chasing after late tenants every month? Let us take care of this for you. We will take charge of your monthly billing needs. We collect rent for you, follow up as necessary, and charge late fees. 

Our rent collection system is designed as an effective solution for all your rent collection needs. We also give our tenants several other options to make payments so that you won’t have to collect the rental payments from door-to-door.

Maintain tenant relationships

Managing property isn’t only about repairing, maintaining and collecting rent. This also requires your attention and a long-term commitment not only to the property but also to the tenants as well.

A positive relationship with your tenants is needed to make sure that your rental business becomes and remains successful. 

For your tenants to enjoy living in the property and consider renewing their lease, you will need to build your tenant’s trust. This trust will also lead to tenants taking care of your property because they will also treat it like their own.

With our experience managing Emerald Coast properties, we guarantee that your tenants are happy with their living conditions at all times.

Solid vendor partnerships

A proactive maintenance approach is essential to keeping your property healthy. We respond to maintenance requests quickly and make sure work is completed correctly. All American Realty & Investment Group has vetted all the contractors and repairmen needed for repairs at your property.

We’ve built lasting relationships with local vendors. This has allowed us to get discounts due to a consistent supply of work. We are happy to pass these savings on to you.

Legal compliance

There are many regional housing laws that are in place for different types of properties. If you lack knowledge in these laws, you could find yourself in legal hot water for noncompliance.

Let us take care of all these legal complexities that come with managing your Emerald Coast rental property. Our team is experienced and knowledgeable on these housing and property laws and will make sure that all regulations and process are complied with.

This is especially true when it comes to tenant evictions and tax benefits. We’ll ensure that your property is compliant and all the processes when it comes to eviction are competently handled and managed.


It goes without saying that being your own property manager takes up a lot of your time and can be stressful.  Especially when it comes to managing multiple properties.

If this is not your full- time job, you may find yourself with little time to do anything else. Perhaps you’re retired and have time to be your own landlord. 

But do you want to spend your retirement chasing after rent and fixing up your property?

At All American Realty & Investment Group, we give your time back. Allowing to spend your time as you wish and not have to worry about the day to day activities that come with your rental property. 

Now you spend your time on what matters.

Why Should You Hire Us?

For the property management services that we provide, we charge a flat percentage fee. We guarantee that our property management fees are fair and competitive. We also guarantee the solutions we provide to property owners. 

We’ll do everything for you from finding and screening tenants, collecting rent, managing repairs and maintenance tasks, and more. Let us help you so you can focus on what matters most to you.

Are you looking for a professional property management company on the Emerald Coast?

If so, look no further. We have the expertise, experience, and resources to make sure that you are maximizing your rental property investment.